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Capital Market Authority Engages Students at Kepler College’s Career Fair 2024

The Capital Market Authority (CMA) participated in Kepler College's Career Fair 2024, we engaged students on the importance of the capital market industry for the economy. Students were encouraged to explore career opportunities within the industry and introduced to the 2024 Capital Market University Challenge. The challenge aims to enhance students' understanding of investments and promote financial literacy, offering not only prizes but also valuable insights into the workings of the capital market.

Magnifique Migisha, Coordinator of the Capital Market University Challenge, highlighted the competition's goal of raising awareness among youth about the capital market. He emphasized the collaborative spirit between academia and the Capital Market Authority, providing students with opportunities to navigate their professional paths in the capital market. Migisha stressed the importance of educational initiatives and a shared commitment to excellence in shaping a brighter future for Rwanda's emerging professionals.

In his closing remarks, Vice Chancellor of Kepler College, Prof. Baylie Damtie Yeshita, expressed appreciation for the participating organizations and deemed the event a success. He underscored the value of interns who exhibit curiosity, possess relevant skills and knowledge, and demonstrate integrity and discipline in their work. Prof. Baylie highlighted the qualities that companies seek in interns, including kindness, willingness to learn, and a strong work ethic.

CMA remains dedicated to encouraging Rwandans, particularly the youth, to consider investing in bonds and shares through the Rwandan capital market. The Capital Market University Challenge provides university students with an excellent platform to explore the industry and potentially earn rewards, contributing to their growth and development as future investors.