About CMA

Capital Market Authority (CMA) is a specialized organ established by Law No.057/202021 bis of 18/09/2021 establishing the Capital Market Authority of Rwanda, with dual mandates for developing and regulating the capital markets industry, commodities exchange and related contracts, warehouse receipts systems and collective investment schemes. CMA was previously referred to as the Capital Market Advisory Council (CMAC) which was a council established by Prime Minister's Order of 28 March 2007 to initially guide the development of a Capital Market in Rwanda. The Law No 057/2021 bis of 18/09/2021 repeals the Law No 23/2017 of 31/05/2017 and other prior related legal provisions.

Our Vision
To be a key contributor to Rwanda becoming a competitive financial center through mobilization of long term capital.    

To nurture wealth by facilitating the development of an orderly, fair, transparent and efficient capital market.

Core values
Good Governance, Knowledge, Creativity and Innovation.