Government of Rwanda issues RwF 15billion Seven year Treasury bond November 2014

The Government of Rwanda has issued RwF 15billion 7 year fixed Treasury bond. This is part of a Government’s comprehensive Treasury bond issuance plan for Fiscal Year 2014/2015. It follows a successful 5-year bond issued in August 2014 which was oversubscribed by 232 per cent signaling investor confidence in the outlook for Rwanda’s currency and economy.


Key Information

My name is Emmanuel Mugiraneza, responsible for the Public Relations at the Capital Market Authority. My organization regulates the capital market business including the treasury bondwas mandated to regulate the capital market business in Rwanda. Among other products, we regulate the T- Bonds which raises money to finance the Government of Rwanda’s development projects. I would like to explain to the members of the public how they can save and invest through the Treasury Bonds:

  • Saving through Treasury Bond is a good way to plan for your future as itPays you a regular interest rate; every six months, twice a year,
  • The interests are paid to you by the National Bank of Rwanda on behalf of the Government of Rwanda.
  • The Tresury bond holder can also use it as colateral to acquire other financial facilities. The also enjoy the capital market taxe incentives.
  • By investing in the T-Bond you enable the Government to speed up and implement its development agenda
  • T-Bonds are time efficient because you can sell your Bond at the Rwanda Stock Exchange and get your money

This is how you can save and invest through the Treasury bond: 

  • If you have a minimum of 100 000 RwF or more,
  • You can visit your Stock Broker or any Commercial Bank,
  • They you fill the application form, and submit  it to the Central Bank,
  • The Central Bank will let you know when to pay for the Treasury Bond,
  • Every six months you will be paid interests,
  • You can sell your bond any time at the secondary market of the Rwanda Stock exchange.

For more information please contact any broker or commercial Bank in Rwanda. Thanks