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CMA celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Capital Market University Challenge and honors winners

The Capital Market Authority (CMA) on Friday, June 16, 2023, held a prestigious awarding and closing ceremony to recognize the 2023 Capital Market University Challenge (CMUC) winners. This special event also served as a celebration of the CMUC's 10th anniversary, highlighting its significant contributions to Rwanda’s capital market industry. More than 1,000 students participated in this particular edition.


The Capital Market University Challenge (CMUC), is an annual competition organized by the Capital Market Authority (CMA) in close collaboration with the Rwanda Stock Exchange (RSE), the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Rwanda (iCPAR), and the Rwanda National Investment Trust (RNIT). The CMUC aims to promote awareness and knowledge of capital market among university students. The event provides a platform for students from various Universities and Higher Learning Institutions (HLIs) to showcase their skills and understanding of the capital market landscape.


The awarding ceremony, held at the Kigali Convention Centre was attended by esteemed individuals from the financial industry, academia, and public and private sectors. The event showcased the CMA's commitment to supporting and nurturing young talent in the finance sector.


In addition to recognizing the winners of the Capital Market University Challenge, the ceremony also commemorated the CMA's remarkable 10 years of operation. Over the past decade, the Authority has played a crucial role in regulating and developing the capital market, ensuring transparency, efficiency, and investor protection.


During the ceremony, the CMA highlighted the milestones achieved during the organization's tenure. They acknowledged the invaluable support received from various stakeholders, including market players and investors in accomplishing the industry’s goals.


The Ag. Executive Director of the Capital Market University Challenge, Eric Bundugu stressed that “At the Capital Market Authority, we are committed to providing the necessary tools, resources, and knowledge to empower students to learn more about the capital market in general. Saving and investment not only provide avenues for personal financial growth but also contribute to the overall economic development of our nation. By investing wisely and nurturing a culture of saving, you can not only secure your own financial future but also participate in building a prosperous society.”


Mr. Bundugu added that “I encourage you to seize the opportunities presented by the capital market. Educate yourselves, seek guidance from professionals, and explore the various investment avenues available to you. Embrace the power of compounding, diversify your portfolios, and make informed financial decisions. The CMA remains committed to organizing such initiatives and looks forward to witnessing the continued success of the winners as they embark on their professional journeys within the capital market industry.”


The winners of the Capital Market University Challenge were applauded for their exceptional performances in both the essay and quiz categories. Their insightful essays and comprehensive understanding of capital market principles and regulations demonstrated their commitment to knowledge acquisition and critical thinking. The event also served as a platform for the winners to interact with industry professionals.


René Ndayambaje from Kepler who emerged as the winner on the national level in the essay category in the 2023 Capital Market University Challenge expressed his profound experience, stating, “Participating in the Capital Market University Challenge 2023 has been an incredible learning journey for me. I have gained a wealth of knowledge and insights about the capital market that I never knew before. It has opened my eyes to the vast opportunities and potential that exist in this industry. I am grateful for this invaluable experience and the chance to expand my understanding of the whole capital market sector.”


The CMUC's 10th celebration and the recognition of the Capital Market University Challenge winners underscore the authority's dedication to cultivating a knowledgeable and skilled workforce in the finance industry. By fostering a vibrant and competitive environment, the CMA continues to empower the next generation of finance professionals.