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I. Background

The main objective of the Capital Market University Challenge is to create awareness among students while they are still in learning institutions and just before they join the workforce. Interesting and competitive activities will attract their interest which will encourage them to participate.

This year’s challenge will be carried out by the Capital Market Authority (CMA), Rwanda Stock Exchange (RSE), Economic Policy Research Network (EPRN) and the International Association of Students in Economic and Commercial Sciences (AIESEC), an international organisation that acts as a platform for young people to discover and develop their potential.

In order to secure their future, young people need to venture into smart saving and investment that will guarantee sustainability, which includes venturing into the capital market and buying shares or bonds offered by different firms at the stock market. They are also encouraged to invest collectively through clubs.

I.1. Objectives & purposes of the challenge

The University Challenge is intended to achieve the following:
• To create awareness and increase knowledge among university students about the financial sector and the capital market in particular;
• To increase participation (in terms of investment and savings) of university students in the capital market industry individually or through investment clubs;
We are targeting established investment clubs formed in various universities across Rwanda as well as EPRN Student Chapter groups to participate in the challenge.

I.2. Criteria

The 2017 Capital Market University Challenge is open to all investment clubs established in various universities across Rwanda as well as EPRN Student Chapter groups and the team composed by undergraduate students;


The Capital Market University Challenge 2017 will be conducted as part of public education and awareness aimed at inculcating in the youth in our Universities the culture of saving and investment in general and through capital markets in particular.
Activities in the competition include an essay writing competition on the theme of "Growing the youth through capital market" another activity will be Quiz to test students’ knowledge on the capital market industry.

II.1. How does the Challenge work?

II.1.1. Composition of the clubs
Established saving and investment clubs from various universities and higher learning institutions which will perform in the Quiz category will register online via . Those who will register to write essay can register as a club or individuals.

II.1.2. Language to be used
The language of the quiz and essay will be English.

II.1.3. Approach
The Universities will be grouped according to their respective regions (North South, East, West and the City of Kigali). The winners in each region will meet in Kigali at the University Challenge Award Ceremony.

II.1.4. Award Ceremony
The award ceremony will take place at Kigali Serena Hotel on 9th June 2017. The winners will be awarded in the form of shares to encourages the winners to use a part the shares awarded to form investment club in their respective University. The shares awardees can also be used to increase their portfolio.

II.1.5. How to participate:
All clubs willing to participate have to register online via CM’s portal which is or send the names and contacts for club members via

II.1.6. Panel of judges
Judges will be proposed before the kick off of the challenge among academia or capital market players based on their experience in the capital market industry and in the financial sector.

II.1.6. Prizes
The shares of the listed securities to be awarded to Top 3 clubs in the category of quiz and essay will be determined according to the price of the time of the award ceremony.